UDT is an Open Access journal! Nevertheless, there is no charge for publication costs to authors!

The aim of this journal is to publish original research papers on various aspects of uniform distribution theory, especially theoretical and computational aspects of combinatorial, diophantine and probabilistic number theory. In particular we welcome submissions on the following topics:

·        Distribution of one dimensional and multidimensional sequences.

·        Distribution of binary sequences.

·        Distribution of integer sequences and sequences from groups and generalized spaces.

·        Distribution problems in finite abstract sets.

·        Continuous uniform distribution.

·        Discrepancies.

·        Pseudorandom number generators.

·        Quasi-Monte Carlo integration.

·        Quasi-Monte Carlo methods in financial mathematics.

·        Theory of densities.

·        Combinatorial number theory.

·        Theory of distribution functions of sequences.

·        Distribution of integer points in large domains.

·        Spectral properties of sequences.

·        Trigonometric sums.

·        Number theoretic ciphers and codes.

·        Dynamics emerging from sequences.

·        Diophantine approximations and diophantine equations.

·        Continued fractions.

·        Quantum chaos.

In terms of the AMS subject classification, the main subject areas supported are 11K, 11J, 11B and 11L. One volume of two issues is published annually. In addition to the regular issues of the Journal, supplementary issues will be published occasionally focusing on honouring individuals, or containing proceedings of conferences.


This journal is published by BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria) and  Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava).